Sassy's Breeds:

I enjoy the company of 2 miniature pinchers. Both are 13 years old. Sassy is an very old soul & her body has aged like a nice little old lady. A friend with a 17 year old miniature recommended that I try canna pet. She said it definitely helped her old guy. We’ve almost finished our first bottle of canna pet and it has worked wonders on my little girl. Her energy level is up, her balance is improved & she walks more in line with her body, she lets me touch her paws & massages them without biting at me. She now wants to go on walks with us and is enjoying life in more comfort than pain. I shared my experience on my Facebook page and have 2 more friends with elderly k9’s that have purchased your product. We love our animals and want them to be comfortable with more of a natural product without all the side effects.