Arlo's Breeds:

Arlo developed what was believed to be vaccine associated sarcoma after a routine rabies injection. The tumor was removed during the initial biopsy and then we followed that up with a six week course of radiation, on the vets recommendation. We were told that with that treatment strategy we had an 80-85% chance of remission, so we went for it. Sadly, on the very last day of radiation therapy we were then given the news that due to the high mitosis rate of the cancer it would probably come back in a year. They were wrong, the tumor started growing back after only 3 months. We were devastated both that it came back so soon, and that we put him through the stress of treatment for such small odds. Other than the tumor and being slightly less energetic he appeared to be a happy healthy active dog. From what we understood, the type of tumor Arlo was developing had a lower chance of metastasizing but would instead just keep growing exponentially until it crowded out and pressed on vital organs. Since the tumor was small but growing, we opted to remove it again and then scrambled at a way to suppress another occurrence. We consulted a holistic vet immediately after the second surgery, put him on a regimen that would lower systemic inflammation, suppress cancer and build immunity, but most options were limited with aggressive cancer. We came across canna-pet, it was so new there was hardly any testimonials on the product yet. After going through their literature, we decided it was the best option that may have the least side effects and hopefully, maybe help prevent another tumor growth or at least slow it down and help with eventual symptoms if tumor came back again. It has been almost 3 years, and we have not had a reoccurrence (fingers crossed). We started out with the max dose for several months, then lowered his dose down to a regular maintenance dose. Now of course we can never say for certain that canna-pet has been the sole reason for Arlo’s remission, they could have finally gotten all the cancer out from his last surgery etc. However, I do believe it played a role. Arlo had muscle wasting after radiation that left his leg with a bad muscle tremor and muscle spasms that were largely noticeable if he missed a dose, which was a unexpected benefit. Canna-pet does not take this symptom away completely but it significantly reduces it to where it’s barely noticeable. It also helped bring his energy level back to his normal fast as lightening border collie speed. Thanks Canna-pet!