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My name is Rudy and I am 13 years old. I am a foster baby that has been with my new mom for only 3 months. I was with the same mommy in the same house all my life until she got sick and had to go away. No one was able to take me until I found my new mommy. I have alot of anxieties and can not really deal with being without my new mommy. At night even though she is there I can not stop shaking.

My mom’s friends recommended canna pets, and that has changed my world. I am so much happier here and don’t have the shakes so much anymore. I live in Orlando Florida and love to go out and play. Now that I take canna pets, I am able to be away from my new mommy and play with the other dogs in our house.

Thanks so much Canna Pets for making my life a better place!