Rudi's Breeds:

I have a 6.5 year old mini schnauzer named Rudi who suddenly developed a fear of thunderstorms, fireworks, and the sound of my sister-in-law’s African Grey Parrot named Augie. A parrot? Really? Yes, it’s weird, I know…. She shakes uncontrollably, hides in the closet or bathroom, and is inconsolable. She even ran into the shower with my sister-in-law (while she was showering!) to hide!! It breaks my heart to see her this way! So, I ordered your Canna-Biscuits (Maple Bacon) to give them a try. If I know we are expecting bad weather, fireworks, or a visit to my sister-in-law, I give Rudi a biscuit first thing in the morning and again 12 hours later. She is practically a different dog!!! She may notice the noise, but there is no shaking and she does not run to hide. She continues on with her normal activities. Thank you for helping my poor little girl Rudi. – Tabbie Hale