Ruby's Breeds:

Ruby had disk problems in her back so bad she couldn’t jump, held her tail underneath & walked with her back feet turned in. Steroid shots seemed to be my Vets only treatment. But they wore off fast & she gained a lot of weight, which made her problem worse. I heard about Canna-pet capsules from a vet in Washington State, Dr Chris Hinson. I ordered them right away, that was four months ago. 2 caps a day, combined with a monthly dog massage by a local expert, Ruby has returned to a youthful dog, walking normal & she has a happy spirit again. (She is 13 years) and with a little cutback in food her weight has almost returned to normal. I know TGTBT! I highly & absolutely recommend this product to every dog owner. Even if you just want a happier dog! To me, it’s a miracle. Thank you Canna-pet people.