Health Issues:
Gizmo's Breeds:

Our dog’s name is Gizmo. He’s a 9 yr. old Shih-Tzu male. In May of 2017 he started suffering seizures without cause. He couldn’t go more than a week without the seizures and when they occurred he would get clusters of anywhere from 3-6 in a 24 hr. span. After countless doctor visits, hospital visits, multiple increases of phenobarbital along with a failed attempt at a steroid combination, a friend recommended Canna-Pet. We were reluctant to try it until one day Gizmo suffered 6 seizures back-to-back while on the combination treatment. The vet had run out of options for us. With pet care being so expensive we were limited in our next steps. We were distraught over his loss of motor skills and just seeing how he had changed from our fun-loving dog to a tired, scared pup. On August 2nd we started treating Gizmo with the Canna-pet Advanced Capsules 2x/day. We have been so happy to report Gizmo hasn’t suffered 1 seizure since nor has he showed signs. He’s also back to being our happy, playful pet. We are so happy we took the advice of our friend and tried Canna-pet. Gizmo is still on the phenobarbital but we are hoping to start cutting back his doses eventually. Thanks Canna-pet!