Health Issues:
Reese's Breeds:

On January 16, 2017, we took our very treasured 11-year-old Brittany Spaniel to his long-time vet due to a hacking cough that seemed to be increasing with frequency and intensity. On that day, our hearts were shattered as he was diagnosed with a large primary tumor in the right caudal lung. In early April 2017, this diagnosis was confirmed by Cornell University and surgery was not recommended. We began Canna-Pet (first the capsules and then completely switched to drops) in late March 2017. This is all that we know: In mid-January 2017, he was given approximately one month to live (a few months at most). Since starting the Canna-Pet, Reese’s cough has not completely gone away; however, it actually is less frequent and less intense (coughs approximately three times per day). The vet said we must have angels with us. We are not sure, but we have become strong proponents of the research and use of cannabis oil for both humans and animals.