Health Issues:
Buster's Breeds:

I added Canna-pet to Busters medications in January. Buster is epileptic and was having seizures once or twice a month with being on two different meds, Phenobarbital, Zonisamide. In December of last year, he spent nearly 12 hours having seizures, we took him to the vet to try to break the seizure clusters which we were able to do after hours of more drugs. Since then they added another Med, Levetiracetam. I added Canna-pet to his regimen and I an convinced that the Canna-pet is what is helping Buster, he has had one seizure in 3 months and very mild. He gets 14 pills a day, including the 2 canna-pet pills. I hate the fact that he is on that many pills and I want to try to wean him from some of his meds as I truly think the canna-pet is all he needs. Any input or other customers with the same issues. I truly believe Buster is hear today because of Canna-pet not all the other pills he is on. Thank you so much!