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Our chihuahua named Ranger suffers from seizures. He’s almost 7 and the first one we witnessed was when he was about 1. My husband and I unfortunately didn’t know about Canna-Pet right away and our vet didn’t want to put Ranger on medication since he hadn’t had more than 1 seizure within a 30 day period. His seizures were really intense and extremely heartbreaking for us to see. He would lose control of his limbs and not be able to move, often times he would lose control of his bowels, uncontrollably shake and throw up. We really didn’t want Ranger to be on any crazy medication due to potential side effects, so after doing some research we found Canna-Pet. This has truly been a God send for our baby. While he still has seizures, they are much less frequent, less intense and don’t last nearly as long as they did prior to using Canna-Pet. After his seizures now he seems to snap back very quickly and usually acts like nothing happened. Canna-Pet has helped our little guy so much and we are so thankful to have found such an amazing product to for our little guy! Thank you Canna-Pet!