Health Issues:
Fritzi's Breeds:

My little 17 year old Llasa/cockapoo has congestive heart disease and a brain tumor. He was given 6 months to a year in 2014, more than 3 years ago. The brain tumor causes him to circle continually, sometimes he spins with such vigor he cries out because he cannot stop himself. A hospice vet in the Santa Cruz area suggested Canna-Pet which I ordered immediately. Within less than 20 minutes of administration Fritzi calmed down, stopped spinning and soon drifted off to sleep. Now I give it to him mornings and nights. I’ve had to increase the amount to afford him relief and it’s a godsend. Other vets prescribed Gabapentin and Tramadol which do work but send him into a confused stupor. Canna-Pet has no side effects and is a natural product. I am truly grateful to that hospice vet and for this life extending product. Thank you so much!