Health Issues:
Pepper's Breeds:

Last December, our 14 year old “Puppy” Pepper Stein had a grand mal seizure while we were away. I say “puppy” because up until then, he was. We came home to a very ill dog, who could barely walk, was having accidents every day, didn’t sleep at night, walked into walls and couldn’t go out in the sun. He was “doped up”, and not himself. He was diagnosed with seizures, probably from a brain tumor, (he might not survive a MRI) and given 2-4 months. I bought him glasses so he could go outside, and shoes so he wouldn’t slip. For a month I watched him deteriorate, waiting for a sign of pain preparing for the worst. I called my BFF from childhood, kelly boulle Tourek and told her about the situation. She was in the same boat, and recommended hemp biscuits or oil from Canna-Pet. Within a few days my “puppy” was coming back. (and not even high, but he does have the “munchies and gets cotton mouth at night!!!). I know this is “just a dog”, and I know that people have way worse things in their life, but i swear, that although he is almost 15 his quality of life, (and ours) is almost back to normal. He still has what he has, but after 8 seizures in the first 6 weeks and not one since February, between the home-made chicken soup for every meal, (yes Jewish penicilin-mixed with tumeric) and 2 biscuits a day, you would not recognize him as an ill dog. It is now 7 months, and although saying good bye will be difficult, Canna-Pet has made his days happy and calm. This is not an advertisement, but FACT!!!! I might eat the biscuits myself!!