Parker's Breeds:

This is Parker! He is a very fearful, high anxiety little pup. But we love him very much.

We rescued him along with his non-biological brother last July. And along with our old man, Montana, the husky, we have 3!! And it hasn’t been easy. We knew it was going to be hard, but we didn’t know how hard due to the fact that Parker has anxiety and fear aggression.

So, at my wit’s end I reached out to a trainer who specializes in aggressive dogs and he suggested Canna-pet as part of his training to help take the edge off. And it has been such a life saver.

We just wanted Parker to be happy, and for the other dogs and us to all be happy together. To give everyone the best life possible and I have to say Canna-pet really makes such a difference. Parker is just calmer and more at peace. And it allows the rest of us to feel that way too.

Happy pups, happy life!!