Ollie's Breeds:

My dog Ollie, a 9 year old Lab got really sick and remained so for 6 months in 2018. All summer and fall he suffered from tumors, rashes, fatigue and what appeared to be nausea, but he was not throwing up, in fact, he was eating fine “big surprise”! He was peeing and pooping as usual but he was able to walk only 1-2 hundred feet and then had to lay down, when prior to this he was still running at breakneck speed. Of course we had him to his vet and several others for a second and third opinion. We took him to a specialist who said it was most likely cancer but they would have to do a biopsy ($3700.00) and if surgery was even possible it could mean the loss of his leg and of course another $6,000.00 and no guarantees. because of his condition at this point we opted to take him home and if he appeared to be in pain, we would put him down. This went on for months and people at the dog park were all saying their goodbyes to our beloved Ollie. Many nights we said we will put him down tomorrow. One more trip to a new vet who suggested CBD. Canna-pet seemed to be a leader in this treatment and we ordered Canna-Pet Advanced. He started with 2 a day and after a couple months we put him on one a day. He also went on a regimen of antibiotic for the rash and an anti inflammatory. His tumors went down and his rash went away and now, mid 2019 he is back to walking 2 miles every morning, sometimes he seems like a puppy again. People at the park could not believe the change in him and we always recommend Canna-Pet to them. He will be 10 in October and I am so happy to have my OllieBoy back again, for as long as possible. He will get a Canna-Pet every day for the rest of his life. Ollie lives on Long Island, NY