Hi All, This is my girl, Lunabelle for long. She was a hard to place adoption because she has diabetes and had been through multiple homes already, apparently developing more and more anxiety. along the way. After about a year with me she viciously attacked one of the other cats in the house out of the blue. I kept them separated for over two years while trying positive reinforcement with food through a baby gate. That didn’t work. I tried medications; amitriptyline made her like a zombie. The prozac didn’t help. Chinese Tea Pills didn’t help. But the Canna-Pet did the trick! and even better is that I only give her about a 1/4 to a 1/3 of the small pet capsule per day. Not only did she stop attacking the other cat, but she became playful at times and will sometimes even sit on my lap! These are things she hadn’t done since she first came to stay with me! Thanks for a great product

Jen Abbe Boston, MA