Health Issues:

I have a 9 year old male cat who began spraying following a minor bout with struvite crystals. As far as these things go, I was having success in that I had chosen not to scold him for such, and so he would do this in front of me, allowing me to be able to clean it up in real time. Helpful, but what could I do to make things better for him? I was pretty certain the issue was surrounding irritation, likely from the normal level of struvite crystals, now posing an inflammatory issue. A vet-student friend of mine suggested Canna-Pet, that she hadn’t had personal experience, but knew many who had excellent success with it. Wow! What a difference that has made! Newman used to get very testy when he’d experience episodes, and that is completely gone. With just the Canna-Pet, the inappropriate urinating reduced by 70%, within just a few days. The remainder we have corrected behaviorally, which was not working in the first place. Now, we are good to go. I challenged our success last month, but seeing if the behavioral aspects would overtake things, and it did not. He returned to spraying, FREQUENTLY, and became immediately resistant to the behavior training we had been so successful with. So we’re back on Canna-Pet and we are in control again! We are very happy with the use of Canna-Pet and will continue to use it for the remainder of Newman’s life. He has congenital CHF, and uses a diuretic with excellent success, but obviously that contributes to the whole other issue with struvite, etc. Not sure I could be happier for how a treatment plan has come together.