Lonnie Boy

Health Issues:
Lonnie Boy's Breeds:

Lonnie Boy came into our household at the age of 5 months. We adopted him from the Baja Animal Sanctuary, Baja Calif, Mexico. Lonnie Boy was a very easy dog to please. He ate free food–dry pellets–most of his life. We did a DNA analysis on Lonnie and found out that he was a Husky Mix (with a lot of German Shepherd in him)! He had a wonderful personality and loved people and other dogs alike. He really thrived on long walks in the  canyon and helped Cindy to volunteer with the Sweetwater Summit Park Patrol in his Bonita Long Canyon. At the ripe age of eleven, Lonnie Boy became a certified Therapy Dog with Love on a Leash (LOAL). He specialized in social visits to the elderly and Alzheimer care patients. During this time, he began experiencing osteoarthritis and mild Canine Renal Disease. The resulting pain caused Lonnie Boy to miss some visits and to have a decreased appetite. His veterinarian recommended Canna-Pet! Canna-Pet did wonders for his appetite and for his pain levels. He was back to finishing up his entire bowl almost every feeding (we had stopped the free feeding a few years before to monitor intake). Furthermore, since Lonnie Boy was back to enjoying his visits he earned his 100 visit milestone and the AKC awards of Therapy Dog Advanced and Canine Good Citizen! Canna-Pet helped to keep Lonnie Boy comfortable through the End Life stage–sadly, he passed away on 3/22/2017 of Chronic End Stage Canine Renal Disease (age 13 1/2). Lonnie Boy is missed by many, many patients and his family here on earth.