Health Issues:
Neena's Breeds:

This is my sweet girl Neena. She is an 11 year young pitbull mix. Last year, Neena was diagnosed with pain in both of her shoulders, iliopsoas pain, and back pain. Neena’s doctor recommended starting a regimen of pain medications, supplements, and rehabilitation. One of her supplements was Canna-Pet. As she improved, we were able to wean off her pain meds and now, I am happy to say she only takes daily Canna-Pet and joint supplements. She LOVES her Canna-Biscuits and reminds me everyday when it is time for them. Before, she was only about to walk about 0.25 mile before pooping out, but now we are up to 2-3 miles! And look at that core strength! Thank you so much for making a great product that my dog loves!!!