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I would like to share my story about my dog’s journey with cancer and how your Canna-Pet drops have helped him along the way.

My story starts here: In August of 2012, I went through a hard breakup. I had been with my then boyfriend for 6 years and he decided we needed to breakup so he could be back with his ex-girlfriend…likely story, right? The breakup hit me hard as well as my other dog, a Labrador named Luna. I found the both of us severely depressed and full of anxiety. So, I decided to look for another dog as a companion for her while I had to work. Then I found Leo. Leo was a sweet adorable 3 year old Chihuahua that everyone passed up because he wasn’t a “purse chihuahua”. From the movement I brought him home, I knew he had always belonged with me (us). He has bonded with Luna in a way I’ve only seen litter mates do. They are now inseparable. I literally cannot take one where I cannot take the other. He cured our anxiety, depression and most importantly- our broken hearts.

Within this last year, I noticed Leo becoming more ill more frequently. What started out as allergies turned into constant sneezing and congestion. After many vet visits and switching vets I finally decided to take him to a specialist for a rhinoscopy. I was expecting the Vet to tell me there had been a piece of grass or some type of removable obstruction there that they took care of for me and he was going to be good as new! Wishful and hopeful thinking. The kind Dr. told me she had found a mass in the back of his nose and she was 90% sure it was cancer. I agreed that she should send any samples to be tested to confirm that’s what it was. 1 week later- fibrosarcoma cancer in his nose. She told me how we could treat it with a “de-bulking surgery” that would remove part to most of his nose and would then have chemotherapy and/or radiation. BUT none of this would guarantee a remission or be deemed a curable treatment. My little Leo had already been through so much, so I decided not to put him through a major surgery and chemotherapy. Instead, the new vet we see specializes in Chinese medicine and natural homeopathic methods of treatment. So the natural treatments began. It was extremely difficult in the beginning and I thought for sure that everyday was his last. I was at my wits end and sleep deprived when I broke down and begged my Vet for help. That’s how I found out about your product! I was a little skeptical at first, but noticed immediately how calm he was after the first dose of the drops. I stared him out gradual only giving it to him as needed. I quickly found myself giving it to him more than that. He is on a regimen of drops twice daily, sometimes more if he’s really not feeling well.

I will attest to how wonderful your product is. I recently ran out and thought “he’ll be fine, it’s only for his anxiety.” Was I wrong! It was on the third day without the drops that I really noticed how bad he felt. He was miserable. I could tell he was in pain (even with his other pain medication), was restless and his anxiety was coming back in full force. I quickly reordered more and after the second day (of not starting again from being off for 5) I noticed a huge change from him. He seemed happier, had a bigger appetite and slept better. He doesn’t mind taking the drops and after about 5 minutes I’d relaxed and at ease.

My friend think it’s funny that he takes Cannabis oil and I also see a little humor in it. But it has been a life saver. In combination with his other medications I can honestly say I have noticed a major change in his demeanor. He seems brighter and his energetically happier. Leo is more than just a dog, he is my hero- my lifesaver. He rescued me when life tossed me out. I don’t think he’ll ever realize that I need him more than he needs me. Attached is a photo I took this past Tuesday (7/18/17) 5 minutes after I gave him the drops. Everyone tells me he should be the poster child of your product. This is his natural smile that went away for a while but because of your product, has made its way back to our life!! Thank you for this product!!