Musashi & Qari

Musashi & Qari's Breeds:

Musashi was plagued by allergies his whole life. Chicken, beef, Turkey and fruit made him itchy and miserable. Allergy testing found that he was also being affected by fossil fuel pollution. Friends of ours that own a specialty pet store recommended Canna-Pet. We changed his diet and added Canna-Pet and in a few months he finally got relief. A few years ago Qari underwent surgery to remove 8 mast cell tumors. The biopsy proved they were non-cancerous however we were always concerned they would come back with the threat of cancer. We started giving her Canna-Pet as well and to this day she is still tumor free. Qari also had issues throwing up her meals every day during that time. She hasn’t thrown up in over 2 years. Our story doesn’t end there though. In December of 2016 we noticed that Musashi was having a hard time walking on our hardwood floors. At first we thought it’s just old age and bought rugs to make it easier for him. Then we noticed that his back legs would cross while trying to walk. We brought him to the vet and by early January he was diagnosed with Degenerative Myleopathy. Our same friends gave us the book from Canna-Pet and we read how hemp can help delay the progression of his disease. Musashi gets the drops every day. It’s been 8 months since the diagnosis and while his mobility has declined, he is still able to get up and walk. The drops especially help at night when he gets restless legs and helps him sleep. Thank you making such a wonderful product that helps our pets in so many ways!