Health Issues:
Ty's Breeds:

My name is Ty… I am a 7-year old poodle-Maltese mix. I have Addison’s Disease and quite an anxiety problem!  I get sick often, so I take medicine every day and get shots every month. Sometimes, I feel worse, and my humans have to give me an extra shot. I know it stresses them out to do this. The medicine is hard on my body and it takes days for me to recover.  My humans decided to try Canna-Pet about 3 months ago!  What a difference!! I love how the treats taste and I get them 2-3 times a day. I feel so much better!  I haven’t had any anxiety attacks in 3 months!  That means less shots… yay!  I feel less grouchy, happier, and more relaxed. I don’t bark at new friends, I am lovable and happy! I even have more energy to run and play and love. Best of all I sleep relaxed through the night and get to really rest. My humans are very happy with Canna-Pet and purchase a steady flow every 2 weeks. I always look forward to the treats and how they make me feel. We call them “dessert” and it’s the best part of my day! Thank you Canna-Pet for helping me feel great!