Mr. Sixx

Health Issues:
Mr. Sixx's Breeds:

Mr. Sixx is our 13 years old Great Dane. Before using canna-pet he was having a difficult time walking and standing for long periods of time, especially while trying to eat or using the bathroom. He has arthritis in his back and hips and his back left leg is particularly difficult to control for him. He was falling all over the place, unable to go up stairs, and walk further than a few steps. He also has anxiety caused by loud noises or being left alone. After using the Canna-Pet cookies on a daily basis, he has way more mobility, can get up and down more easily, and he hasn’t had an anxiety attack since we started giving him the cookies! We’re now confident to leave him at home alone again. These products are truly miracle workers and I am not sure what we would have done without them. Canna-pet is now part of our daily routine and I cannot thank you all enough for these incredible, pet friendly products!