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Mitz's Breeds:

My little rescue dog had a hard life before I adopted her. She came with so many issues she was almost unadoptable. I tried everything from prescription meds to music therapy and while all helped a little, nothing really took away all her fears so she could relax. Walking was her worse time of day, everything outside scared her. I finally saw an ad for canna pet, I thought why not, nothing else is working so why not give this a try. Our first bottle wasn’t seeming to help then I decided to increase the amount and trying different times. Very much trial and error but suddenly she was starting to become much less reactive and relaxing. The real breakthrough came on our walks, slowly she started to sniff around and finally getting excited when I say “walk”. She now urges me to go. While not completely cured of her worries she is able to enjoy life and do doggie things. Highly recommend for the nervous dog. We love our little crazy dog, just happy she can now enjoy life!