Health Issues:

I have had our horse on the Max for about 6 weeks now. Mick is on rehab for a tendon branch lesions and arthritis in his fetlock joint. He had been hand walked for 8 months at the point we put him on the Canna-Pet. His hand walking experiences were not good! He was tired of being walked and was spooking at everything. We were having to sedate him every time we walked him. The first day we gave him the hemp he was quiet. What a relief!! He is now able to go outside because we know he won’t run around like crazy. He’s also worked up to being ridden 20 minutes a day. The equine chiropractor that works on Mick says he’s much more comfortable. Not tense and bunchy like he was only two months ago. What I like in telling you about this testimonial is that this is a working horse. He’s an athlete that has had a job for 13 years on the show circuit. I believe the Max is helping his mind and his body heal.