Health Issues:
Chevi's Breeds:

My dog Chevi has had a tumor on her head since Oct 2016. I found out it was an aggressive tumor in January 2017. She was still a pretty active dog but you could tell she was slowing down and achy. She got her first dose of hemp oil from you in March. Since March until now August 2017, her tumor has grown a bit but not as much as it was expected too. She is also running around like a 2 year old puppy and she is an 11.5 year old. We have been camping 6 times this year, playing in her favorite spots like the river in Sequoia Kings Canyon and Big Bear where she loves to swim. I almost never see her achy or tired like before. The only change I made was putting her on hemp oil from Canna -Pet. I truly believe the tumor has not grown as fast and even so if not, she runs around like a happy crazy dog now enjoying her life to the fullest. I am a happy customer, I am thankful after knowing people and animals that had good results using hemp oil, I am happy I chose Canna-Pet instead of radiation for my dog. She will have a better more comfortable life because of it. People need to know its ok to go natural ways. Thank you so much Canna-Pet