Meisie's Breeds:

Meisie was about to turn 12 years old when we got the news that she had osteosarcoma of her front right leg. We were devastated by the news but knew we had to do all we could for her because she was such an active, happy Weimaraner. So, we decided to amputate. Her recovery was amazing! Within 3 days of surgery, she was independent and hopping around on 3 legs without any issues. My wish for her was another great summer, and she made the most of it! She went camping, swimming and never missed an opportunity to play fetch.

We did a ton of research and started her on Canna-Pet Max capsules right after surgery. We opted not to put her through chemotherapy. Her 3 month postop appt showed clear x-rays ! The vet was amazed. Her 6 month set of x-rays were clear…she was doing really well! The vet told us that, most of the dogs she sees with a diagnosis of cancer, only live for about 3 months after surgery if they don’t have chemotherapy.

Meisie passed away on December 23, 2017. She was 12 years and 8 months old. Her spirit was strong up to her last day, but her body was failing. She went peacefully. She lived for 8 months after her diagnosis of cancer, and every day was a blessing. She made the most of every day!

Canna-Pet was a Godsend for us. We will always be grateful for having discovered such a great product because it gave us the opportunity to care for our Meisie without doing chemotherapy. I have spread the news of your products to friends and colleagues who have experienced similar situations, or who have pets with health issues, knowing that it WILL help. Thank you for doing what you are doing for our pets.