Health Issues:
Malia's Breeds:

Malia had a rough start to life. She was thrown in a box on the side of the road at ~3 weeks old. She was just shy of 2 pounds and became best friends with my Australian Cattle Dog. She didn’t have a great liver at first but a year later she was able to be spayed and had a clean bill of health. A few months later she had her first seizure with the second about 8 months later. She then began having them every couple months which elicited medication. She initially started out on one and they just kept getting worse and now she is on 3, a special diet and Canna-Pet treats. They’re only 4 prescription epilepsy medications for dogs. I was and am still in a worry she may get to the fourth and then later even need more then that. We began canna-pets biscuits in hopes it would help her as it has for many other pets. She has been on them for almost a year now (12/2017) and we have seen a huge change in her. She may have a seizure every few months but it is short and over quick, nothing like they used to be. We did not have to begin the fourth medication and hopefully we won’t ever need to now. I highly recommend these treats!