Health Issues:

Mabel suffers from extreme anxiety. We rescued Mabel at a shelter when she was about 6 months. While she loves people and other dogs, sounds and quick movements terrify her. Never mind typical dog anxieties like lightening, fireworks or the vacuum cleaner— things like getting up quickly out of a chair, taking out the recycling, doing dishes, opening the mail, or even just trees blowing in the wind would send her running with her tail between her legs (instead of scratching on the door to go outside, she would scratch on the wall 4 feet away from the door because the door was too scary). For two years we tried training, lots of exercise, composure vitamin b supplements and fish oil, but nothing was working. Hesitant to try Prozac, a few months ago we spoke to our vet and she suggested CBD. Within 2-3 weeks of canna-pet capsules, we noticed a substantial difference in Mabel’s anxiety. It’s not that she doesn’t get scared anymore, or that her tail doesn’t occasionally curl between her legs, but she is so much more resilient now. Instead of running away from her fear, now she will slowly and cautiously approach it and sniff it. It used to be that a scary event would ruin her entire day, but now she bounces back from scary sounds and movement almost immediately. She is still the same playful, energetic puppy she’s always been, and if anything she’s even more playful now that she’s not afraid all the time. Mabel is 45lbs. We started her off with the lower dosage of Canna-Pet Advanced capsule 2x a day, and after a month we upped her dosage to the Canna-Pet Max capsule 2x a day. We definitely wish they were cheaper, and hopefully one day they will be, but in the meantime were so happy about the change we’ve seen in her quality of life, reduced stress and overall happiness.