Health Issues:
Luna's Breeds:

This is Luna, she is a 3 year old pug. We adopted her because her previous family couldn’t handle her. She has epilepsy and when we got her she was having a seizure every day. Luna’s foster mom found Canna-Pet and put her on it right away, and within a week her seizures slowed down being on it once a day and when she came to our house the website recommended for dogs to be on the capsules twice a day so we ordered it and her seizures completely stopped. She’s been on Canna-Pet for 3 months and her fur is beautiful, she was to skinny when we got her and she’s put weight on, her appetite went up, she sleeps like a champ. She has her set schedule for her naps and bedtime. Her overall heath is perfect. Seeing how well Luna is doing on Canna-Pet, we put our cat on it as well and within a week he is already improving. He has really bad anxiety, is a little older and pulls his fur out. It’s coming back faster and softer than ever before, he’s got his spunk back, jumping and playing again, he is super skinny and he’s a big cat but his putting on weight, he has bladder problems but Canna-Pet is helping pretty much for everything. This product is amazing. If your fur babies have any issues at all I highly recommend putting them on Canna-Pet. Thank you thank you for helping me get our kitty back and helping Luna get her life back!