I’ve been using Canna-Pet for cats since about October of 2016 for my 15 (soon to be 16) year old cat Gracie. She’s always been very queen-bee like (I have 2 other younger cats) and the last 2yrs I can tell she was starting to have arthritis issues. She never complained about them, but, I know her behavior better than she does. Jumping onto beds seemed to become more a task for her and I came across Canna-Pet. I got the smallest bottle first and tried it as soon as it arrived. Mixed it into her canned food (and gave it to the other cats as well) and within an hour Mrs. 15yr old was acting like a 7yr old! Jumping with no hesitation, and even started giving the younger cats some guff because she was feeling so well. I have used it since, and they’ve put together “food = feel better” it seems. I give it every other day and everyone’s happy, relaxed, and flexible after it takes effect. I’m thankful this natural medicine is available!