Health Issues:
Lucky's Breeds:

Lucky is a 7-year-old husky border collie mix male. He had his first seizure at 4 years old while sleeping on the couch in the evening. They went from one a week to a matter of cluster seizures within a year’s time. He was on two tablets twice a day of phenobarbital 64.8 mg. And then added Zonisamide 100 mg capsule twice a day when his clusters were 10 to 12 cluster seizures at least once every two weeks. He would be so disoriented that I would literally have to take the day off from work and hand feed him to keep up his carbs. I also fed him ice cubes by hand all day. He is 83 lb and I had five steps that I would have to bring him down and bring him back up so that he could go to the bathroom.
During his seizures I would sit behind him and give him Bear Hugs until he stopped having the seizures it was literally heartbreaking. I was exhausted the next day from crying and being up with him the entire time. I would curl up on the floor next to him so that when he went into his next one he was not alone. About 1 yr ago they got so bad that after his cluster seizures he seemed to be blind for almost 2 weeks. Very incoherent and not himself. He would not eat he did not recognize me and would literally walk into things and at night he would just cry.
My cousin kept saying you need to try CBD. I investigated different products and found Canna pet. I started him on Canna pet advanced one tablet in the a.m. and one tablet in the p.m. period along with his other medications. After not having a seizure for an entire 2 months I decided I would start cutting back on the phenobarbital. This took quite a bit of time as 10% was recommended at a time for cut back. So we did 10% cut back in the morning for 2 weeks and if everything was okay we went to cutting back 10% of the p.m. pill this took almost half a year. He would have infrequent seizures, so we also got the oil so that when he did have a seizure I would give it to him on the first seizure. This brought him out of his seizure instantly. He would be a little disoriented and would bounce back within 24 hours. His site issue was better. At this point the seizures went from 10 to 12 down to about 6user at a time. I’m happy to say that he has not had a seizure since June 9th 2018. We are at now this point cutting back on the Keppra. Making small decreases in the medication. I can only hope that decreasing the Keppra in small amounts will be the same as cutting back the phenobarbital. After we get him down to one and one chemical prescription pills we will have a blood draw from the veterinarian. I don’t know that this will completely stop his seizures that is not my anticipation it is to cut them back significantly. And this has done that. So at this point he is on one CBD advanced in the morning with his one phenobarbital and his one and a half Keppra. And at this point has been seizure-free for 4 months. We also give him two tablespoons of vanilla Haagen Dazs at night to keep his carbs up threw the night. This was something suggested by the vet and it does work if I noticed that he seems a little wonky. I know his characteristics very well and if I feel that he’s having a small seizure that he seems a little disoriented I will usually give him a CBD canna-pet treat. I also give him one before I go to work to help with anxiety.
I hope our story can encourage others to try and I do hope that the CBD works for them as well. I am ever so grateful that I came across Canna-pet and frequently share my story with people who say they know somebody or their dog has seizures.
I love this big lug nut so much. He is worth every penny invested in him and am grateful he is leading a normal dog life now.