Health Issues:
Gus' Breeds:

Three weeks ago I rescued sweet Gus, a 12-year-old black lab found wandering skinny and banged up, arthritic and experiencing seizures, with damaged teeth because he had apparently chewed his way free of some enclosure… My heart melted, but he had issues that made him grumpy and inactive. Due to fear and pain, he would not walk past the mailbox. I started giving him your dog treats, coupled with a higher dose CBD oil for dogs (if you make one, I’ll buy it!). Well, today Gus led my other lab and I on a one mile walk, and has relaxed enough to accept more petting and be more of a friend to my other lab. I haven’t wanted to mess with seizure meds but he’s off pain killers.

His smile in this photo says it all… and the look on my other dog’s face shows you she’s not used to the happier, more mellow Gus. Thank you for thinking of our pets, and their humans! We won’t give up on those who are hurting.