Health Issues:
Louie's Breeds:

This is Louie. He’s my 2 yr old German Shepherd that suffers from anxiety. We have been dealing with Louie’s anxious behaviors such as pacing, panting, yawning, and even more so recently because the 4th of July is coming up and in my neighborhood we have people pooping fireworks in May all the way leading up to July and also for New Years so it is almost a year-round thing for us. Louie has SEVERE ANXIETY when it comes to fireworks; he has climbed unto our roof, made his way under the house when he is outside by hurting himself and ripping through whatever it takes, even if we just let him out for a little. In the house he has climbed desks and dropped/broken everything on them, the pacing, the panting. We have opted for over the counter meds which were a complete waste of money and even our vet said they do not work. We have to crate him when there are fireworks because it is his safe space but even then he freaks out and starts to paw at it trying to get out. I was at a loss because vet meds are expensive especially because I would basically have to buy them year-round. I did my research on CBD oils and found Canna-Pet. I bought the Advanced 60 day pills and the Max Cbd treats which have given Louie to opportunity to take the edge off. He is himself but he manages to find the time to lay down and just relax. The treats alone have worked wonders and the pills are an added bonus for the health benefits. I am beyond grateful for Canna-pet because although for the actual day of the 4th we have bought vet meds to give in combination with the treats and pills, Louie has become a much more relaxed dog overall. Smaller fireworks are now something he doesn’t bother getting up to pace over and he actually loves the treats and doesn’t mind the pills in his food it is not a hassle giving it to him. I only have to worry about loud fireworks and even with the loud fireworks he doesn’t mind them too much while in his crate. He still gets up but no longer freaks out the same. Thank you Canna-pet.