Liza's Breeds:

Liza entered our hearts and lives in the fall of 2004. Having just moved from our life long home and the security of friends and family members, my lonely teenage daughter found a best Freind that would help her go from being a child to an amazing woman and always with Liza by her side. This gentle Bernese Mountain dog was always the first to great guests. This included both human and the many pets we served as a temporary foster stop in their search for a new home. When Liza began to have difficulty getting up at 13 years young and her tail stopped thumping that regular beat (we called it “the thumper” and always new something was wrong if it wasn’t working) I new it was time. That is when a friend introduced me to Canna-Pet biscuits and we quickly became fans of the canna-pet products! Liza enjoyed another 6 months with the family thanks to Canna-pet and her thumper kept that beat until the very end thanks to your wonderful product. Her legacy of joy and health lives on through helping other families enjoy their pets with Canna-pet through the Dallas Companion Animal Projects non- profit partnership with this amazing company!