Lexi's Breeds:

When Lexi came home with us at 8 weeks old she was just like every other puppy. By 5 months old she started having trouble walking. By 9 months she couldn’t walk on her own at all and was dependent on her cart. It was discovered she had severe scoliosis. Her spine was bent in 2 spots very severely. She was going to be completely paralyzed on her back end eventually. She has been on the canna-pet treats for almost 3 months now. She has actually gained mobility back in her rear legs. She is moving them as much as she was almost a year ago. She also has been able to support herself and stand on her back legs for a few seconds. She will never walk on her own again but just having more mobility is a huge deal. Her anxiety around not being able to move has also definitely gone down. I had a friend tell me about these products and I couldn’t wait to try them with her. We had her on prednisone off and on for months and didn’t see these kinds of results and I would so much rather have her on these than that. Thank you Canna-Pet!