Health Issues:
Kip's Breeds:

Kip lives us in Flagstaff. His “sister” had passed away in the summer. After a month had passed we realized that Kip had basically lost half of his weight, slept all the time and we figured out that he was depressed.

Took him the vet and he was sick. He had diabetes and possibly Cushing’s disease. After a month of insulin injections, we were ok. One day he woke us up (slept in the human bed)…and our son found him shaking uncontrollably in the kitchen. Turns out he was having a seizure.

Almost lost him. While at the vet’s office, Kip made an amazing recovery and the Dr said try CBD. That began our Canna-Pet Canna-Biscuit recovery for Kip.

He gets two biscuits a day (morning and evening). We noticed that if he got his medicine late, Kip would just stare into space (even though he’s blind). After giving him a biscuit (a quarter of one), after 15 minutes, he would snap out of his “staring into space”.

Canna-Pet gave me Kip back!!