Canna-Pet has worked wonders for my horse Kai and her arthritis inflammation in her right knee. Kai has been an athlete her entire life and has slowly developed arthritis over the years. Canna-Pet Max hemp oil has not only drastically improved and effected her inflammation keeping inflammation and fluid build up to a minimum..but Kai’s all around attitude and energy has also been effected by the Canna-Pet oil – even though she is 17 years old she seems to have the most energy she has had believe it or not!! She is obviously feeling great and I can not thank Canna-Pet enough for ALL they have done for my horse ; my best friend. Canna-Pet is truly passionate about the animals and people they are helping and I cannot say enough good things about them!!! I have referred everyone who asks or is interested in hemp for their horses or livestock to Canna-Pet and will continue to do so. Canna-Pet is true plant powered medicine!

Updated 6.8.20 – She has been retired to pasture for the last year and still looks SO GREAT!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!