Health Issues:
Cody's Breeds:

Meet Cody. In June he turned 13 1/2, a remarkable old age for a dog his size (90 lbs). In the past two years, he started suffering from arthritis. We tried prescription anti-inflammatories and painkillers, but were worried about the side effects like changes in his blood kidney and liver numbers. Last year before his 13th birthday, we put him on Canna-Pet. It took a week or so to find the right dosage for him (2 capsules twice a day), but once we did, he made tremendous progress. Neighbors who saw him every day could tell the difference as well as people who hadn’t seen him in months. Yesterday he went down the hill in our yard to go into the lake for the first time in two summers. We credit Canna-Pet for relieving his pain and giving us more quality time with him.