Junior's Breeds:

Junior was diagnosed with bladder cancer in October of last year. I was told that after 13 adventured filled years together, there would likely be less than six months more. I was crushed but thrilled to know we had time. We discovered the cancer because he had stones trying to pass from his bladder. As suggested by our vet, we started chemo. But after 4 months to attack the tumor that was minuscule in Oct. 2015, the tumor had grown into a large mass. And this was discovered by the second round of stones trying to pass through his bladder that were many times larger than the first stones. At that point, I stopped everything we had been ‘prescribed’. I’ve tried the farmer’s market organics and special blends, the millionaire friends eastern medicine shamans, you name it. Junior was still with me, but his life was different. He was happier for sure, just not having to see the vets office every two weeks. But there has been something missing. His step wasn’t as peppy. His smile wasn’t as often. His sleep hours were longer. Now I’m not stupid, I realize he is an old dog now at nearly 14. But we’ve been together that entire time, I know this dog as well as myself. I knew he needed something, I just hadn’t found it yet. And then I found you guys. A month ago, on our walk, I was thrilled one day when Junior got to a half mile before asking to get in his stroller. Yep, I put my 65lb labrador in a stroller when he gets tired, I’m one of ‘those’ mom’s. He hadn’t walked more than a quarter mile max on his own in months. Today on our walk, he walked 1.23 miles before asking to get in the stroller. Though I am pretty sure that it was more because it was cold (it was snowy today), than because he was tired or sore. He just wanted to get under his blanket. We walked for another couple of miles with him under his blanket. Your products have changed his life. They’ve changed whatever amount of time he and I have left together. You’ve brought to me a gift I am very grateful for. Last winter he was too weak and tired to enjoy his favorite season. But today he showed me he has more in him for this winter. I’m confident it’s because of your products.