Health Issues:
Bailey's Breeds:

Bailey came to me in May 2015 as a result of me seeing him on social media and he was at Carson Shelter in California. He was so skinny and would howl and cry in his kennel probably because he was looking for the owners that surrendered him. I had recently followed the senior rescue, Frosted Faces Foundation, and saw what great work they did for neglected seniors who were left behind in shelters, often with severe medical issues. I contacted the rescue and asked about fostering a senior dog thru them. I was approved and had my eyes set on the dog I wanted. It was Bailey (formerly scooby). I didn’t know what to expect with Bailey only that he had some medical issues and possibly cancer due to his low weight and blood work results. I knew I wanted him and wanted to spend as much time I could with him for as long as he had left on this earth. Fast forward to today, almost 19 months later. Bailey has gained a healthy weight of 55 pounds, is active and playful, and is such a sweet dog. Everyone that meets him loves him. He is gentle and kind to kids and even his 2 cat siblings! He knows how to sit and shake and even with his age of 16, he can wait to go to the bathroom and knows he should not go in the house. He is such a fun-loving, caring, calm, and easy going dog. He doesn’t require much but he does love attention from everyone. Bailey has been using Cannapet biscuits for over a year now and I think Cannapet is partially responsible for Baileys thriving quality of life. He does have arthritis and possibly the onset of dementia. He takes gabapentin to help with those issues and I supplement that with 2 biscuits in the morning and 2-3 at night. I feel that by having this option for his pain has helped him a lot. It has also helped his separation anxiety as he hates to be crated or left alone. I believe at night it settles him down a bit enough to relax and go to sleep. I want to thank Frosted Faces Foundation for allowing me to foster Bailey for the rest of the time he has with me and I also want to thank Cannapet for giving Bailey what he needs to ensure he has the best quality of life possible. He is almost 16 1/2 and still has a lot of spunk left in him. I know if Bailey could talk he would say how thankful he is for Cannapet for helping him feel better and allowing him to do the things he enjoys like his daily walks, his climbing adventures in my back yard, and lounging around the house or yard feeling less pain.