My dog Jeager, who loves to walk in the waterfall of our pond, is 13 ½ years old. As he has aged, he has begun to slow down and limit the activities he used to enjoy. He has been taking a glucosamine-chondroitin supplement for years, and I was desperate to find a safe, non-medication treatment option to help with his arthritis and pain. In addition to these concerns, Jeager has always been extremely anxious. Shaking and pacing for any weather, loud noises, or extra people in the house. I did extensive research related to CBD products for dogs, including product efficacy and safety. Time and again, Canna-Pet products were recommended. I started him on the Large Dog capsules twice daily. He has been getting this supplement for several months now, and he has started to show increased energy, interest, and play. He has gotten some of his “puppy” back. He has shown no adverse effects from taking this supplement. I will continue to provide my beloved buddy with the Canna-Pet supplement to allow Jeager to be a happy, active dog as long as he can.