Independence aka Indi

Independence aka Indi's Breeds:

This is Independence aka Indi, a 3-5 year old German Shepherd. We live in Millers Creek, NC. Indi showed up here as a stray on July 5, 2019 hence her name. We contacted Animal Control, completed a stray hold and searched for her family for months. Indi weighed only 47 lbs, was terribly emaciated, her hair was falling out and she was covered in ticks. We contacted Southeastern German Shepherd Rescue who agreed to sponsor her care if I would foster her. I wasn’t sending her away so I agreed but was adamant that she could not stay here. I already have 1 female GSD/Collie mix and a female Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix who each were tolerant of new dogs because I fostered a lot but were not looking to live with another dog. I also had two smaller dogs so had my hands full with the 4 of them. Long story short, I failed with the foster and she seemingly fit in well. Fast forward 9 months, and her continued disciplining of the Aussie/Border came to a head ending in a big fight. Indi is extremely nervous, I call her nervous Nelly, she cries when I get out of her site, she hates chaos, and it upsets her when the other dogs rough house and play. I tried trazadone alongside obedience training with little change. The trainer noted her behavior to be that of a dog that was abused. While we did make some progress with bonding and obedience there was a nervousness about her that made it difficult for her to relax and just enjoy life. I started her on Canna-Pet capsules a month and 1/2 ago with oil as a backup if I am going somewhere. These seem to work well for her…she is more relaxed but I do not think it would be the same without the treats. She gets at least 2 and sometimes 3 treats a day and her mood is so much more relaxed, especially during thunderstorms. I also think she may have been in some pain because she is more playful outdoors and relaxed enough to explore and enjoy life. I will keep on getting her the treats, she loves the maple bacon but we are going to try a variety of the three choices next time. We still are not playing with the other dogs yet, but I think we will get there. We have been able to watch TV together for the last 3 nights together with less “on guard behavior”…she is relaxing and I think we are at a good therapeutic level. The treats help my other dogs when they are over stimulated too, it has the best calming effect and they seem so much more relaxed with each other and in their environment. I highly recommend these products for nervousness, pain, and anxiety. Indi is well on her way to living her best life with the help of Canna-Pet products. I am so pleased and thankful.