Health Issues:
HoneyBear's Breeds:

HoneyBear is 10 years old, one year post-amputation and going strong. I started giving her Canna-Pet post surgery and even though she has developed lung mets (unfortunately the normal with osteosarcoma) she has done tremendously well! Her lung mets have remained “stable” and even when she got sick with a bacterial infection in her chest a couple months ago she fought to survive and showed everyone how strong she is and her love for life. She is on a chemo pill but she has exceeded the prognosis for that therapy and I have to thank in part Canna-Pet for that. We are always looking at new therapies and treatments for HoneyBear but no matter what we try Canna-Pet will always be a part of the mix. HoneyBear is a special part of our family and I know she can show others that osteosarcoma is not a death sentence but a new outlook on life.