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This is Holley, my 7 year old golden lab mix. She has been dealing with anxiety all her life, but it has amplified since we moved. She started barking, howling, using the bathroom inside, and even shaking when she saw me leaving. I didn’t want to resort to meds prescribed by the vet, so I did some research. After trying 3 different homeopathic remedies for her anxiety, I stumbled across canna-pet. Desperate, I gave it a try, and I could not be more thrilled with the results. Holley no longer barks when I leave or uses the bathroom inside! She is more playful and is enjoying the new house now. Even during the 4th of July, which is usually a rough night, was great with the help of canna-pet. She was able to be outside while fireworks were being set off. Canna-pet has definitely changed Holley’s life! I’m so glad I came across this product and now I recommend it to everyone having anxiety issues with their pups!