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Although my story began 7 years and 3 months ago, I’m a relatively new customer of Canna-Pet. When I found Hazel back in April of 2010, I had no idea what I was in for. She was physically and mentally a mess. So began our many years of rehabilitation. Hazel is special in many ways, not the least of which is her unusual reaction to the numerous medications we have tried to help her with her severe separation anxiety. After trying multiple trainers, day care, desensitization, herbs, Thundershirts, and pretty much anything anyone has ever suggested, I finally resorted to pharmaceuticals. My vet and I then began the long, LONG process of trying to find a medication that would ease her mind. After months of trying new drugs, we finally happened upon a medication that seemed to help her. Unfortunately, it eventually became apparent that this would be a lifetime management situation. More unfortunately, over the years it has become apparent that my choice lies between “quality” versus “quantity” in that Hazel’s liver has been affected by these medications. In November of last year, after a routine blood test once again displayed elevated liver enzymes, my vet suggested I try weaning her medication dosage down slightly. Within a week, her anxiety skyrocketed and she began self harming. Due to her self induced injuries, she required several surgeries – and the cone of shame only increased her anxiety even more. After months of horrific stress to both of us, and massive vet bills, a friend sent me a bottle of Canna-Pet. She’d been trying to get me to buy it for years, but I was worried about Hazel’s already stressed liver, the potential interaction between medications, and her bizarrely unpredictable reaction to things. When she sent me the bottle, I was at the point that I had nothing to lose. We tried it. It clearly relaxed her and she finally started to heal from her surgeries. Six months later, she still gets a dose every single day that I go to work. She’s still on her amitriptylene and some of her calming herbs, but the Canna-Pet has allowed me to wean her amitriptylene dose down a bit further. Her last blood work did not show any elevated liver enzymes and she (touch wood) hasn’t had any “episodes” since she’s started on this supplement in January. I couldn’t be happier. When I leave for work now, she’s lying down in her crate or playing with her puzzles. This product has changed the dynamic of my entire household. Thank you!!