Health Issues:
Gus' Breeds:

This our Gus, we adopted him late 2015. Gus had a rough life from the beginning, we became his forever home after 4 previous homes. At first we were on the fence on what we should do, he was severely fear aggressive and frightened by his own shadow. We decided to fight for him and try medications with him. We succeeded with trazadone and fluoxetine, but as any medication you build a tolerance and have to continue to take more and more. We couldn’t do that to him. We began researching hemp treatments and decided on Canna-Pet. We are happy that we have been able to cut his medication levels down and supplement with Canna-Pet! Gus is such a happy boy, we still have a ways to go with him, but we have made huge milestones in being able to get him out of the house without him being scared and have even been able to get him in the car willingly for outings. We are so grateful for this product.