Gracie's Breeds:

This is Gracie. She is a 10 year old Domestic Short Hair. I had noticed that a couple times a year she would go through this phase of pulling her fur out and licking constantly. But she would stop after about a month and wouldn’t have a problem again for a while. However, back in July we went on vacation for about a week. She was left at home with her brother, Tucker and our neighbor came over once a day to check on them, give them food or pets. When we got home, I noticed that she had some really raw and even scabbed or bleeding spots on her where she had started pulling her fur out again. After being home for about a week, I could tell she was getting no better. She wouldn’t leave the bedroom. She was barely moving from her bowl or the litter box. She would sleep on the litter box or in the floor in front of her bowl. She had pulled so much of her fur out that she was literally bald at the base of her tail. She wouldn’t play or even take any catnip! I myself have anxiety and I figured that she might also have it. I had used hemp oil in the past and knew how well it worked for me. So, I decided to give your product a shot. WOW! It took about a week or so for it to get in her system well, but she is SO MUCH BETTER!! She is grooming like normal now. Most of her scabs have healed and even her fur is growing back in! She won’t stay in the bedroom now and she is even playing again! Your product has worked an absolute miracle on Gracie! She is pretty much back to her old self again. I can not say Thank You enough!!