Grace's Breeds:

We are the Coopers and we have a retired racing greyhound named “Grace”.

Poor Grace has suffered from “human fear” (shyness) and “anxiety” all of her life. She used to run and hide in our bedroom when company would come to the house and avoid any human we encountered on our walks. We have tried dozens of anxiety medicines and supplements with very little result.

Four years ago, she was in a fight with another greyhound of ours, and has had neck/shoulder and rear-end issues ever since. She struggles to go up and down our back stairs into the yard. My sister, who has a senior Lab said that Canna-Pet works for her dog’s arthritis and suggested that we try it for Grace.

Since Grace is a senior (turning 12 this July), we decided to give it a shot; thinking it would be worth it if we could help her with at least one of her problems.

At first, we didn’t see much of a difference in her, but after about 3 weeks, we noticed that she was going up and down the back stairs much easier. Although, the biggest change has been with her shyness. We were walking one morning and stopped to visit a neighbor (Rick). Normally Grace would keep walking past and watch warily from a distance. Not this time….she cautiously walked up to Rick and let him pet her!! We were all shocked. We have also noticed when company comes into the house, she will initially go to our room, but within 10 minutes or so, she will come out and investigate the “strangers” in her house. We are so grateful that we found Canna-Pet and that it has given Grace that extra little bit of confidence to “push” her boundaries. Thank you!!