Health Issues:
Galen's Breeds:

Our Galen who is a Dane/Lab/Border Collie mix who spent the first four years of his life in a crate, & was very nervous about being out in the world of other living beings, strange noises & disturbing stuff like garbage bags, vacuum cleaners, blenders, Street sweepers, bunnies & garden hoses. We got some Canna Pet herb & some oil for him, & everything’s completely changed! He gets the herb once a day in the morning & the oil for thunder & fireworks. He’s a new man now – calm, funny, playful & more curious about the world than fearful of it. He’s making new friends & is able to listen while we’re teaching him things instead of losing focus. His anxiety is almost gone, although he still doesn’t like it when Papa goes out without him. It’s a miracle & we’re so grateful to have this wonderful stuff. A real blessing!
Thanks to everybody at Canna Pet.