Fozzy's Breeds:

Fozzy is 14 years old, he’s a golden doodle. I got him before golden doodles were popular. I had recently lost my 14 year old Irish Setter when I first got him.
He’s had a very difficult time for the last couple of years. Getting up from a laying position, not being able to sit very well. Not wanting to walk or run… about a year ago I heard about canna pet (can’t remember exactly how). With in a couple of days I noticed a huge difference. He was getting up easier. He wasn’t limping. In fact, he wanted to run around again. I wish I knew about cannapet sooner. I really wish it was around 16 years ago when my Irish setter was struggling!
Im so happy I don’t have to use prescription drugs to help him feel better. Some of those drugs are not good for their system. A week ago he had his blood checked and the doctor said he was doing great. I told her about Canna-Pet and she said she has heard many great things. So thank you Canna-Pet!