My SWEET FINNEGAN has been my emotional support dog from day one.  He had big shoes to fill.  He was born with allergies and luxating patella and had negative reactions to medications and neutering right away.  I knew I needed to treat him with CBD oil.  After days of researching, I discovered CANNA-PET. He is now 6 and a half years old and has thrived with this product.  We have found this to be effective and essential for his well being.  As he has aged, anxiety and stressors have been a part of his life as loud noises, wind and loud voices make him very nervous.  CANNA-PET calms him, so he can be less fearful.  This last Spring, my fur baby FINN developed pancreatitis and diabetes.  I was devastated and once again we counted on CANNA-PET to get us through these tough times.  Injection time used to be more stressful for my little man so with careful planning, he gets his dose of CANNA-PET before the insulin and with his meal.  Within 15-20 mins, he relaxes and so do I.  Since he goes everywhere with me, we have advocated this product to many pet parents and have even shared Finn’s CBD especially during the months of June and July.  Fireworks bother him a lot as most dogs in our neighborhood.  We simply can’t be without CANNA-PET and wish every dog had it.  Thank You, CANNAPET!💙💜❤